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Silver Sash Developer 1.0.15

Silver Sash Developer Silver Sash Developer 1.0.15

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Silver Sash Developer Publisher's Description

Silver Sash Developer is a free oracle developer tool. The detailed features: OS Compatibility--compatible with all versions of Windows; Oracle version compatibility--compatible with Oracle 11g,10g,9i; Full fledged database editor; Complete database object manageability; Open multiple databases concurrently; Drag and drop tables and columns;Perform operations on multiple objects in a single screen. Manage the following: Table , Index, View, User, Role, Synonym, Sequence, Cluster, Database link, Materialized View, Tablespace, Partitions, rollback segments, Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger, Schedules, Jobs.Includes Datapump Export and Import.

What's New in Version 1.0.15 of Silver Sash Developer

The following enhancements added to both Administrator and Developer -

1. For the editor, a terminate dialog box added when sql statements are running. This button can be clicked to stop the execution immediately
2. Generate script added for the following -
for the main option security and sub option profile,
for the main option schema and the sub option database link
3. For the connection dialog box, the following changes made
a. For jdbc connections, the "add" button is changed to "save". The function of that button remains the same
b. For oci connections, a "save" button added to save the username and password of the selected database.
For oci connections, a "delete" button is also added to delete the saved username and password of the selected database.
4. For the editor, once the SQL is executed the output tab or messages tab is displayed based on the following priorities, listed with the highest priority first -
If there is an error , then the messages tab is displayed
If there is a select statement, then the output tab is displayed
Else if there is no select statement, the messages tab is displayed
5. The filter on the objects list in the left pane is improved.
Objects can be filtered by tablespace for table,index,cluster,table partition,index partition and lob partition.
6. Generate script action was added to Library,Context,Rollback segment and Java class.
7. Grant and revoke action for user and role added to Library
8. In the list displaying objects, the column width is different depending on the average length of the object.
For example when owner and table is displayed in the list, the table name has a larger column width than the owner.
9. For database main option and database sub option , a tab displaying the SGA is added.
10. For storage main optiona and tablespace sub option, two tabs are added for the table partitions and index partitions
11. For materialized views list view on the left, an additional column for last refreshed date and time is added.
12. For Datafiles list view on the left, three additional columns of size in MB, free space in MB and percentage used is added.
14. For tablespaces list view on the left, three additional columns of size in MB, free space in MB and percentage used is added.
15. For rollback segment and type, drop action is added.
16. For materialized view log, purge and truncate action are added.
17. Pin to memory action added so that objects can be pinned to the shared pool area. This improves performance.
This action is included for procedure,function,package,trigger,sequence and type.
18. Compare schema option added. At present only comparison of table columns are being done.

Bug fixes
The following bugs were fixed for both Administrator and Developer -

1. preferences were not being saved for the following preferences
a. Editor file open location
b. Editor file save location
2. for the connection dialog box, for jdbc tab the connectas value was not being saved.
3. For tablespaces, the action purge was not working.
4. When actions are performed successfully and the output log screen is displayed, on cancelling it freezes the background screen.
This also happens if the actions are not performed and the cancel button is hit.
5. Details were not displayed on the right side tabs for type and type body.

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